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Mmmm… Tasty Z Gallerie Morsels.
January 12, 2010, 10:58 am
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Z Gallerie is an enabler, constantly feeding my already unhealthy obsession. Check out their new goodies for 2010.

Byron Buffet

GOD this is sexy. If I hadn’t just bought a shelving system I’d snatch this right up for my office. A day late. A DAY LATE!

Dean Sofa

I adore the lines of this couch. And of course it would have tufting. Just to make me want it more. You can even add the Dean Chair to make it sectional-like. I’m not sure how I feel about this though.

What say you?

Nautilus Vase

Burst Candles

I’m not generally one for mass produced art, but this is huge and beautiful and would look amazing over the right bed in the right room (read: mine.)

And then the bust out something like this…

WTF is this, Z Gallerie? A kindergarten throwback? Save that for the dollar store.


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my 5 year old picked this up at borders the other day and begged me to buy it. i told her NOT IN THIS ECONOMY!!!! THAT THING IS 15 DOLLARS!!!!!HOW WILL WE EAT!!?!?!?
not really, i just said no. mommy will try to find it cheaper somewhere.
aren’t i hilarious?

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