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It’s A Matter of National Security.
January 8, 2010, 10:50 am
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See that fantastic Moroccan lantern there? The one from HomeGoods that is of course gone now? WHERE DO I FIND ANOTHER?!

Help pleeeease. I may even have a rad surprise that I will HAND DELIVER RIGHT TO well I’ll mail it to you. If you can find one for me. Ok? Deal? PLEASE?! It’s for the children.

Now wouldn’t this look much better?

Update: I went to HomeGoods and they had them again! …But in green and purple, not my precious shiny silver. Wanna check yours? I WILL PAY YOU CASH MONIES.


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Worst case you could spray paint them right?

Comment by Anny

Yeah that is an option! Although then I couldn’t burn a candle in it, could I?? Perhaps I’m not up to date on spray paint technology, but I feel like it may burn my house down.

Comment by Macy

hey lady. I don’t think I have a HomeGoods here, I’ll check to see if I do for you. I do however, request to see a picture of the chair reflected in the first pic. I’m not sure if you’ve posted it before but it looks AWESOME!

Comment by Jamie

I will use this as an excuse to go to HomeGoods today. I will have to attempt making them hold it if they do have it as I have no money until Friday. If they have it, and you want me to get it, we will work it out. I will report back!

Comment by Bethany Annechino

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