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Good For Nothing
January 5, 2010, 11:17 am
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This post brought to you by: the flu.

I’m feeling pretty useless, I’ve been sick for a few days and I am SO. BORED. But I’m all fatigued and you know, HEALING and shit so I can’t really do anything. I know you know the feeling. But I decided I could muster up the strength to get one thing done today.

Oh hai. It’s my living room! Remember those glass globes I hung for sexy-swanky-rad candle light? We LOVE them. We have people over about every weekend so we get a lot of chances to use them. It’s definitely a chill place to hang out, everyone loves them. I’m quite proud. You know what I DIDN’T think of, however?

They get dusty… really dusty. Just like everything else in Arizona! Oops. Do you see how filthy they were?! I cannot even begin to explain my dusting woes living in this state, it’s pretty much insanity. I can only imagine how much of it we’re breathing in. I maintain that the desert was never meant to hold life en masse.

But you know it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It definitely helps that I am a very small person (5’1″… yeah bring it.) so my hands fit right inside there, if I am really careful.

So if you were thinking of hanging some, my conclusion: not that hard to clean. I was kind of putting it off because I was afraid, to be honest. They seem pretty fragile but as long as you don’t drop or put a death grip on one, they seem to be sturdy enough!

In other news…

Tango LOVES sleeping in the little cupped edges of the sheepskin. Like her mama (read: me), she loves soft, fuzzy places to sleep. She won’t even SIT on the travertine. I call this the progression of cute:

Einstein doesn’t need a fluffy rug because he already IS a fluffy rug. He desperately needs a haircut, but I love it. Freaking homeless little ragamuffin!

Oh my god did I just write a post about my dogs and shining balls? I claim fever delirium! It’s good to be back :]


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i must have used the death grip on mine.

Comment by my favorite and my best

the dust factor is usually the major design influence of my spaces. i’m not allergic, just lazy.

Comment by boops

*sigh* I love that set-up. I hope you feel better!

Comment by Anny

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