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January 3, 2010, 5:43 pm
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…Is this thing on?

OK OK so I’ve been gone! I’m sorry! Please come back? I know I was not really there for you when you needed me most. I’ve been so bad, not giving so much as a phone call or hello… but I still care. I really do. And I promise things will be better this time around and I’ll bring you flowers and hold your hand and stroke your hair. It will be a golden existence, you and I… take me back? We belong together.

Hi guys! Did you have some good holidays? I sure did but now I’m SICK! Shaf and I went to Florida and then Vegas… but got sick in Vegas for New Years Eve. Shitty. But my plants survived our 14 day vacation! My plant experiment (read: keeping them alive) has gone quite well, I thought, until seeing this today:

Dammit. Well anyways – I’m back! Hullo!


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fucksake woman!!! bout time. sorry ur sick.

Comment by my favorite and my best

Ha this winter is killing our plants – the only one surviving is one succulent. I don’t even look at the ficus if I can help it 😉

Comment by Anny

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