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A Horse is a Horse of Course of Course
November 10, 2009, 10:05 am
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Meet Archibald*. Isn’t he regal? We’re not sure this is where he is going to end up, so he’ll probably move around a bit.

I’ve been wanting him for a long time but with moving in to a new house and everything, I just couldn’t justify spending $70 on a ceramic horse (albeit a FABULOUS one) when we needed… say… a COUCH. And a BED. And to PAINT.

Well what I really mean is that IIIII could justify spending it but I didn’t think that my more logical and level headed husband (whom I love and adore and am forever thankful for keeping me sane and out of debt) would back up that justification.

So I had sort of given up on my dream (besides the haunting wails you could hear coming from our house late at night) until this weekend we found him for $50 at HomeGoods. I couldn’t believe my LUCK! And Shaf liked him too. THE END!

*I’m pretty sure Hallie‘s friend has the same horse and called him Archibald… I am totally biting that name because it’s PERFECT.


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dude, your horsie is badass. i want one! i’m about to hit the nearest home goods and search for it!

btw your comment had me rollin. this especially, “if I were tall and had my same personality.. I’d be weird.” aint that the truth! i think i’d be weird to. plus tall chicks dance funny. LOL!

Comment by bananas.

YOU CRACK ME UP!! Also, you haven’t posted lately – I hope you are on a vacay right now getting an amazing tan and drinking out of a pineapple with mini umbrellas.

Comment by hallie

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