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October 29, 2009, 10:07 am
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This is loooong overdue! I added some blogs to my little sidebar blogroll thingie over there. Check them out, because they are FABULOUS.


Jenny is pretty much my favorite blogger ever. Even on days that I’m not delving into my Google Reader, I take a looksie at her place. Not only does she have fantastic design sense, but she’s hilarious and uncensored, which is my kind of woman!

Picture 1

Tara at Scoutie Girl keeps my wallet deliciously empty on the reg. Hey, less cash to carry, right? At least I have cool stuff. She seriously finds the best handmade products out there. Love


House of Turquoise is to me what Playboy is to men everyone else. This is my porn, people, MY PORN.

Picture 2

Kate has to be one of the most talented people in the blog-o-sphere. We have wildly different tastes but everything she does is beautiful. And I need to stress the SHE does, because she really does EVERYTHING and does it right. Serious inspiration.


I don’t know how she does it but Reichel is a master of her trade. She finds fantastic alternatives to expensive designer furniture and decor. You can even submit a request and she will find a budget-worthy counterpart! Anyone who is decorating on a budget seriously needs to check out this blog.


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you are so sweet macy! if i were near to you i would grab the hell out of you!

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