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Side Entry Dilemma
October 28, 2009, 8:27 am
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Our side entry seriously needs some work. Since it leads in from the garage, it’s the first thing that WE see when we walk in the door. Behold, our side entry in all its glory:



Shaf has had that white shoe… thing… since his college days. I don’t know why we keep carting it around… probably because we didn’t really have anything to put in its place. It has a huge crack in it and basically is a piece of crap. And it’s where my purse ends up 99% of the time that I walk in the door.

Also, WhyTF does the doorbell chime have to be so damn big? And in the MIDDLE of the freaking wall?! Any ideas on how to obscure that?

So it’s time for a little updating.

We found the Z Gallerie Borghese Nightstand at Home Goods for $250. OH YEAH BABY. Come to mama. I’ve been finding a lot of Z Gallerie fodder at Home Goods lately. Macy likey. I don’t care if it’s mass produced, it’s glam and damn sexy. I hope it is still there when I return for it. It has been the last few times I was there.


Also – I got a little linky-link in my email saying that all Z Gallerie mirrors are 20% off, and I decided that I want the Stratus Mirror like yesterday. But how will I work around that massive doorbell chime?


I’m thinking I want to go with a glam look a la these:

Via Jonathan Adler

Picture 1

Via House Beautiful


I’m really digging the hot pink wall there, especially as just an accent wall. The wall that the table and mirror would go on, which you can’t see at all from the living room, which is of course teal. I don’t think Shaf would really object either… he really trusts my design sense and can appreciate a wide variety of styles, even if to the general population it’s kind of girlie. But who knows… it may even be too much for me. Too much color? Too many mirrors? Can one HAVE too many pieces of mirrored furniture? Probably… but this is in a different part of the house than the other… or am I just trying to justify it?


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can’t wait to see what you do. i have a deep hollow round basket over my alarm system that looks pretty cool.

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