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Under Da’ Sea
October 27, 2009, 6:51 am
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Don’t those look like bubbles? Some of our friends have commented that chilling in our living room is like hangin’ out under the sea. I love it! Remember when I made this post about terrariums, and how I ordered 25 Whirly candle holders from CB2 to make them out of?


Well I decided to keep them as candle holders for now… but they can be changed quite easily! Behold:



Night time:


We measured that little portion of wall with the overhang, and made an upside down “L” out of boards and both screwed and glued them together.


Then we screwed it into the wall, painted it, and installed the little hooks on the back of it. We did this so that you couldn’t see the hooks unless you are right up on it.

Right up on it:


You could just as easily skip those steps (who has a weird little overhang like that in their house anyways?!) and screw the hooks right into the wall or ceiling, but this is how I chose to do it because I am partially insane and must make everything extremely difficult. It’s just what I do.


BUT! In having the little “L” piece there, as you can see three photos up, we were also able to obscure a rope light behind it to add a little MORE mood lighting. Now we can have just the rope light on, or the rope and the candles, or just the candles. It’s quite versatile! We prefer both :]


It looks so magical, someday I’ll either get a really nice camera, or have someone with a really nice camera come out and shoot it to REALLY capture the ambiance :]


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looks awesome. i have one of those. used to have 8. careful when you dust them, they brake rather easily and with very little effort.

Comment by my favorite and my best

These look incredible! Fabulous indeed! Love your blog.

Comment by Retro-luxe

this is FANTASTIC. really. nice work.

Comment by annelise

Wow! That is awesome!!

Comment by Ambie

Miss Macy – I made a glass curtain just this same thing for Christie’s wedding (celsius) and we took gold copper wiring and balled it up inside with the candles. 🙂 It looks fabulous!! Great job!!

Comment by Mrs Kim

I LOVE this! I found you on saucydwellings. What kind of wire did you use to hang these? Where did you get it? I would love to do something similar in my new apartment. Thanks for the inspiration!

Comment by Adina

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