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Suckered Me In Again
October 22, 2009, 8:42 am
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Damn you Ikea, damn you. You suckered me in once again. Lured me in with your promises of pretty red pots like this Grapefrukt that ended up being cheap and chintzy looking.



FU. But naturally while I was there I walked out with other things that I probably didnt need were absolute necessities.

See those little plants there in the corner of the windows? They needed homes. In this photo they were residing in a cottage cheese container and a mashed potato container respectively.


That’s bum status, yo.

So I got these glass bowls that are meant for a gigantic bowl of cereal or a reasonably sized salad (with mixing room – and we ALLL know how important mixing room is when tossing your salad. HAR HAR HAAAR).


I figured it was ok to plant them in something that didn’t have a drainage hole, because they are bromeliads, which you water in the hole in their core, not the soil around them. Pretty nifty, eh? Problem solved! Although I did put a lid in the bottom of each one with a hole cut into it, and a layer of rocks over that so there is a bit of air and drainage beneath them. Just in case. I’m done committing plant genocide.


Cheap? Pretty? Cheap. Pretty.


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ikea is like an abusive boyfriend. you now it’s wrong but you go back for more. i have those bowls in green.

Comment by my favorite and my best

OHHHH! THAT BLUE AGAIN!!! Love the color! And these bowls do the job and look pretty. And they are cheap 🙂 I usually hunt pretty kitchy vintage planters on etsy or ebay, but you know it,

Comment by Marina

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