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Amazing Vintage Couch Find!
October 20, 2009, 6:31 am
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Oh wow guys. I am practically beside myself with excitement. It’s here! I can’t even believe the awesome couch I scored this weekend on Le Craigslist Boutique. For $250. She was delivered yesterday and she’s PERFECT. Feast your eyes on this baby:


Hello, gorgeous.

Her legs match my Chinese cabinet, she’s 7.5 feet long, and her fabric is silky, shiny and soft. Aside from one teeny tear on the left side, she’s perfect. And the tear can be very easily fixed. I am SO glad to be rid of the Ikea number we had there before :] IT’S PERFECT!


And even almost as good – the guy who sold it to me is pretty fantastic, too. He and his wife go to estate sales and the like and score awesome mid-century furniture (which Phoenix is practically the USA epicenter for) and re-sell it on craigslist and ebay and in antique stores and the like. DEFINITELY a good resource to have, and a really nice guy to boot. More on them later…

Shaf had a little fun with the sun, the lantern there on the side table, and the mirrored tray from the coffee table…


I told him he looks like a Care Bear. Care Bears STARE!!!

…and these, are the days of our lives.


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haha! Care Bears Stare! …but now I’ll have that Lionheart Bear Uncle-esque voice in my head all day……AND HE’S NOT EVEN A BEAR!

Comment by m5

Wow. That’s amazing! And it looks gorgeous with the wall color and the zebra rug!

Comment by Shannon

m5 that lion is called braveheart and he is a care bear cousin…DUH!!!! (sorry i have a 4 year old who thinks the care bears are the coolest mother fuckers on earth). awesome couch!!!!

Comment by my favorite and my best

AMAZING find! And AMAZING wall color! Would you care to share its name/brand?
Thank you

Comment by Marina

Thank you!!
Marina: It is Valspar (from Lowe’s) and I am pretty sure it’s Vintage Teal, but it could be Monterrey Bay Teal. I can’t remember which we went with but I think it was the Vintage :]

Comment by Macy

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