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DIY Hanging Pots
October 13, 2009, 10:58 am
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I know I know, I’ve been REALLY bad about blogging. But that’s because I’ve been getting SO. MUCH. DONE. So I’ll be redeeming myself with all sorts of cool tutorials and sarcastic witty banter. Because that’s how I roll. Yo.

Well check this shit out! I built my VERY OWN shelf in our kitchen, and hung some sweet pots from it. Which I filled with plants. Which I now feel quite confidant that I will keep alive. BEHOLD!





The before is in the daytime while the after is at night. The pots were REALLY hard to photograph in this long-shot format with the sun coming through the windows.

I fell in love with this little “plant orb” from Perch:

Picture 1

But for $112… I think I’ll pass. But that doesn’t mean I can’t totally rip it off! My beloved arch nemesis Ikea has these little kitchen organizers called Asker that work perfectly and still give me that clean “drop” look that I love.

Via Ikea


So I got a large and two small. And some red spray paint.



But wtf Ikea? You only put a drainage hole in the bottom of the large one! Silly you, you also made these things indestructible. So the special drill bit we got from Lowe’s DISINTEGRATED right after the second one was drilled. I mean it turned RED HOT and literally fell apart.

Yes I know we should have drilled the holes BEFORE I painted them, but I like to keep… me… on my toes? Yeah. That. Don’t do that.


See the carnage? The tip came right off!

Pot your chosen pants.


And on to the shelf!

So I bribed the Lowe’s guys to cut me a piece of particle board on an angle. I guess their machine only does parallel lines, but as soon as I told them I would bake them cookies if they’d make it work, they hopped right on that. Theys gots thems clamps right out and made it work while I watched out for management. And yes I brought them freshly baked cookies. :]


Paint that sucker right up! I chose my wall color because the focus was not really on the shelf, but on the pots.


Mount that on your wall with primed, painted corner braces.

Via Tool Station


Attach hooks to the bottom of the shelf and you’re ready to go!

I didn’t photo how I attached the twine, but it was just a roll from Lowe’s and I hot glued them into loops. The twine is fibrous enough that the hot glue seeps in between the bits and really becomes rock hard. The first one I sewed after I hot glued it, and then deemed it unnecessary :]




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nice work.

Comment by my favorite and my best


Comment by ~Sue-Leigh

Wow, thats a very nice how to guide. Very thorough good job.

Comment by Isaac

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