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October 2, 2009, 9:38 am
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Since I am a total noob to sewing and fabric and all these delicious things that I am now getting my paws wet with, I can’t claim to know the best of the best of the best places to get cool fabric for a reasonable price. But I am quite happy with this morning’s purchase at Fabric Worm! I love that they have a wide range of fabrics and you can sort by designer. It is a little overwhelming to shop for fabric, there is just SO DARN MUCH of it. I’ve been “window shopping” for a little while now and there are so many that I like that I am finding it hard to organize my thoughts and make an educated purchase. So naturally, I just jumped right in,


Are we sensing a pattern here? HAR HAR HAR. See what I did there? Besides patterns, I think it’s pretty apparent that I love COLOR. I won’t say that these WILL all be used in cushions on the couch, but I also won’t say that they WON’T all be used in cushions on the couch. I’m planning on having a variety so I can switch them out at will :] Anyhow – I am excited to receive my purchase.



I also found these adorable Heather Ross fabrics that are out of print, for a price that doesn’t want to make me punch babies. It seems like everyone else was selling them for like eleventy bajillion dollars a yard. Thanks to Melijean, I can afford adorable goldfish fabric. Which will go swimmingly (omg I KILL ME) with the real goldfish that we are planning on putting on our fab chinese cabinet. In a tank, of course. With water.

So now I know what you’re thinking. “Macy, are you insane?! How the hell are you going to coordinate these silly, random fabrics with the fabulousness you have pulled off so far???”

And to that I say…

“I don’t know.”

But I sure as hell will make it work ;]


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