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September 21, 2009, 1:18 pm
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Hello lovelies… here we all are again. Another Monday, which means another 5 days until the weekend. That’s a bad way at looking at life, isn’t it? Oh well, today I can’t be bothered to do anything about it but embrace it. My weekend was pretty fab… Shaf had all sorts of little surprises hidden up his sleeve which made it really special. I love that man!!

Anyways, I suppose it is time to start playing catch-up on everything we’ve gotten done around Chateau Me Oh My Oh. Things are starting to look different around here!

As you know, my parents were in town. They are kind of the most fantastic people on this planet, and between the two of them, pretty much know how to do everything you could possibly want to know how to do. Yes I have been blessed :]


Mom came bearing gifts of luscious little planties! She brought me all sorts of Bromeliad babies from her extensive greenery collection in Florida. I’m not sure it’s entirely legal to take plants from Florida to Arizona, but we’re going to overlook that. Besides, it’s nothing that I couldn’t get here in the Phx, but this way it’s free.


Shaf was initially a bit skeptical of all the living additions to the house, seeing as his only experience with me + plants involved it dying a horrible fungal death. Which Mom determined wasn’t my fault (thank god for moms). Poor Henry. I still feel bad about the little guy. But two weeks later and all my little plant friends are not only still living but THRIVING!

At the moment, most of them are planted in basic containers until I find the perfect decorative pots. The two above are in the kitchen table bench-seat-nook-thing:

WindowNookThey are small now but they will grow up to be MIGHTY and STRONG! And have enough visual impact to actually look right in these spots. But that’s beside the point.

Here you can see the little air-plant that will eventually hang between the windows there. We just A) need it to grow a bit more and B) need to get a hanging planter and wall bracket. I plan on doing these things after the kitchen is all painted.


Allow me to introduce Jean Claude, another Bromeliad that lives by the fireplace:


He has grown a lot since he came to reside in our house.

And now for my favorites!

FrontDoorTah-dah! I love these big urn pots. Mom and I found them at Home Goods… we brought one home and then Shaf and I decided we needed another one for the other side, naturally.

Please disregard the “curtains” in the room to the left (now that I’ve called attention to them). They are from the old house and only there until we get big kid curtains. All my DJ equipment is right there and we don’t want it to get fried by the AZ sun in the meantime.

My genius mother planted 2 Bromeliads and a Delphinium in each, and of course the palm-like-trees.


Can you see the ghetto-fab party cups they are planted in? I also think there is a cottage cheese container in there. Fear not, that will soon be covered with moss and no one will be the wiser (except you and I, of course) :]

I think they really add a lot to the house. I am finding that watering my little shrubberies is actually pretty rewarding. Perhaps I’m inheriting my mother’s love of plants after all!


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I love that you named your plants! They are very beautimous ❤

Comment by Brianna

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