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Cognitive Dissonance: Ikea.
August 28, 2009, 8:12 am
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It seems like ever since we moved in, Shaf and I have pretty much had dependable weekly trips to Ikea. I have such a love hate relationship with Ikea. Let’s weigh out the pros and cons, shall we?

The Pros:

It’s cheap

It ranges from pretty non-offensive, to decently stylish

It has some good basics

Its one stop shop appeal is pretty tempting

It’s easy to put together

It’s literally within 5 minutes of my house

The Cons:

About 60% of the time, you know you’re buying a complete piece of shit made of particle board

You may or may not regret buying something a month later, because you realized that with a little effort (read: time looking) you could get something a little nicer (and more unique) elsewhere for a comparable price

It’s an impulse-buyer’s worst nightmare

You have to put it together

It’s mass-produced. Yes, we too have like 46 Expedit products in our possession.

Some of the stuff is great! I do admit. But a lot of it just really sucks. I suppose the prices should be pretty indicative of the quality though, there is a pretty good range of nice to crappy… but I still feel a little duped. I’m sure it has nothing to do with Ikea, and everything to do with the fact that I am partially secretly ashamed at my oh-so-American draw towards the convenient and cheap.

bench02Via Ikea Hacker

And I feel the unyielding desire to hack it too. Ever since Holly and I found this post we have lusted after Lack shelving and pretty fabric. I think it feeds my need to make something pretty, do something with my hands, without worrying that you’re going to ruin an expensive piece of furniture. And for that, I am grateful.

I also sort of love putting it together. You have this weird sense of accomplishment after wards but you don’t really know if you’re entitled, because it’s so easy. It’s like being proud of the fact that you got to work on time.

Shaf’s office is comprised mostly black-brown Ikea Expedit and Mikael products. You know the ones.

I just picked up the Besta bookshelf and Klubbo nesting tables to go in my office, to hold my crafts and massive printer.


I needed something large and sturdy enough to hold my 70lb wax printer, but something small enough to fit in my little closet nook that I am going to curtain off.  The Klubbo nesting tables were perfect, because when I need to hook my lappy up to it, I pull out the smaller table from beneath and I have an instant little computer stand. I thought it was pretty darn clever, myself :]

What do you think of Ikea?


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I think of Ikea as the basics for cool objects. I love picking up cheap pieces on craigslist and making them our own. and are two ikea’d projects I just finished. I know they are going to have anesting trio of tables similar to your own on sale soon and I’ve been trying to figure out where to put them – you are so right on the impulse buying in that store!

Comment by Anny

i think at times i want to blow its brains out and other times i want to rub up on it.

Comment by my favorite and my best

I’m guilty of hitting it up from time to time. We have a love/hate relationship Ikea and I. I hate the crowds but love some of the little pretties I pick up there. I’ll keep going back. I’m a glutton for torture apparently.

Comment by Kristin

i like this cubby hole setup! i have something similar with my crafting nook, but urs looks much classier. love the deco Macy!

Comment by dj ness

and i have gotten a few things from ikea. i am very picky and try to go with sturdier stuff…and i love all their cheap accessories and smaller things…like for kitchen and bath!

Comment by dj ness

i love it! i’m not gonna lie. i own several pieces including the expedit bookshelf in black brown. it’s still my favorite piece. but i’ll agree, it’s mass produced and teh quality is less than the best. but whatev.

Comment by bananas.

I am also on the fence about Ikea, but since you are very creative I know you could turn something bland into a beauty! If I lived near Ikea, it would be a dangerous thing. haha

I bought a bookcase at Ikea a couple years ago and flipped it. Its now a dj stand and is great for vinyl storage. I love it!

*this isn’t mine, but pretty much exactly what it looks like.

Comment by djcytheria

I pretty much feel the same way. I love it and hate it at the same time.


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