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August 27, 2009, 7:22 am
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Like a well-formulated outfit, the right accessory can add serious interest to a room. Plus, it’s a good way to change things up without breaking the bank! Z Gallerie‘s accessories have really been rubbin’ me the right way baby lately. I have a weird taste for the curious and Z Gallerie has some weird, curious things that double as “classy”, which is good if the look you’re aiming for is not Ripley’s Believe it or Not.

HornWallVaseThis wall vase made to look like a horn is pretty fab. I love the curves. It would look really fantastic in a room with…

CheyenneHornTableTheir Cheyenne Horn Table, which I found via Copy Cat Chic which was found by a fav of mine… Hallie of The Glam Lamb! Good one, love!


I think this glass octopus is pretty fantastic. I told you I like weird! I totally want this to sit atop one of our side tables.


I WILL have a ceramic imperial horse in my house, whether it be this one or another. I love them EVERYWHERE I have seen them used. They always catch my eye. I think it’s time we take our relationship to the next level.


Mirrored ANYTHING! Ok So i just bought this tray from Target last night, but this one is pretty fabulous too. And it matches my coffee table, also conveniently from Z Gallerie, by way of craigslist.


I think this Camel Sconce is a riot in a totally you-can-pull-it-off-in-a-nice-home kind of way. Plus Shaf is Syrian so he’d love it.


Aren’t these little fluffy hooters just adorable?? Maybe they just remind me of my formerly fluffy dog. Either way, I’m lovin’ them!

Hmmm I seem to be on a white-or-shiny kick today. Besides that rogue camel. I don’t know how HE got in there. Sneaky bastard.


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“Mirrored anything” is my favorite too! That first vase is awesome and not so bad for $25.

Comment by Anny

Ooooooo, that tray is so glam. Me likey!

Comment by Kristin

that horn wall vase is striking. i’ll take 2 please.

Comment by my favorite and my best

Wow, love these items you picked! So contemporary and unique.

Comment by vicki

Definitely get the horse at Z Gallerie, my best friend got it and its gorgeous. She named him some super regal name like Archibald or something and he is so chic! Do it! Do it! xoxoxo

Comment by hallie

That glass octopus is amazing. And I, too, have been in love with imperial horses for a while!

Comment by Shannon

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