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The Swankiest Jello Shots This Side of the Mississippi
August 26, 2009, 12:47 pm
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Friday was the birthday of my lovely lady Anna! I never go empty handed to a party, so when I saw these mini watermelon Jello dudes floatin’ ’round the web I HAD to try it. But in shot form. Sofriggincuteomg.

Let me tell you. It’s a lot more of a pain in the ass than it sounds. Ooooh yes, just get some limes, hollow them out, fill them with Jello (in our case spiked with some nummy Ketel), refrigerate and voilá! Adorable Jello shots! How hard could that be?

Lets start with the fixins.



SO. Get yer limes. Cut them in half and scoop out all the “good part” with a spoon. Easy? WRONG! This part SUCKED. I only got the hang of it after about 10 grueling limes. I have a freaking SYSTEM now, folks. From here on out it will be easy, but there is a steep learning curve. No, that does not mean I will come to your house and “hollow your limes”. Naughty. But I will tell you what I learned.


Instead of just taking a spoon and digging at it… gently make a tiny slice on that middle membrane that connects the two long ends together. Then scoop all around the outsides, working your way in. Don’t be shy, people, these rinds are tough. I was all careful at first, but they are way more rugged than you think.

After you hollow each one out, place it one of the holes of a cupcake tin, to keep it upright. As you can see, I saved the lime fodder. I couldn’t bring myself to waste 12 lime-guts. Perhaps I’ll make limeades. I’ll let you know what to do with this once I figure it out myself.


Make the Jello as according to your favorite booze-ridden recipe. Use a small juice cup to scoop the Jello liquid up and put in the cups. This is going to be kind of messy, so embrace it.


Put in fridge until firm, then cut in half and you have little mini-watermelons! Mini alcoholic watermelons. Can you go wrong with that? I maintain that you cannot.


They were a huge hit! And hey look, there’s me in the stripes. Hello world!


Cheers ladies. To our fabulousness.

7And as the night went on and the Jello shots were finished…

The birthday girl. My Bananna


Hey look there’s my sexy Shafi up front. Hi love!


Successful photo bombing:


Taytay is so adorable:


His own personal Bond babe. What a badass.



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those look beautiful and tasty. the watermelon shots do too OOOHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
(talkin’ bout yer rack honey!)

Comment by my favorite and my best

OKAY I AM DYING!!! those are the cutest friggen things i have ever laid my eyes upon!!! i am SO doing them for an upcoming pool party!!! like whoa i need mini alchy filled jello watermelons immediately….

and lady…how flippen gorgeous are you?!?! SO VERY!!!!

Comment by brooke

Those are super cute and the party looks like loads of fun 😀

Comment by Anny

thanks again macy! not only were they cute, they were also delicious!

Comment by annamei

um…that is genius! i am sooooo doing that at my next parlay!

Comment by bananas.

That is so genius!

Comment by Kristin

I tried this, it wasn’t too hard to do, but my friends and I all agreed that it made the jello taste pretty bad (like licking the outside of the lime). We’re sure it wasn’t the recipe, because the leftover put into bowls was still delicious. But they are completely adorable!

Comment by um, yeah

So what did you do with the excess lime? Let me know.

Comment by James Everington

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