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Decor Catch-Up
August 25, 2009, 6:30 am
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I’ve been a bad little blogger. I’ve been making all sorts of design decisions without so much as a peep. Not even a snapshot! What have I been thinking? Let’s recap, shall we? Will all be forgiven then?

Ok good. Shall we start with Craigslist finds?


I heart this antique desk. That little carving between the pull drawers is another drawer. I pretty much love it. It even has glass cut for the top. $120? Don’t mind if I do! I’m definitely going to get rid of the awful silver “crackle” paint job, but that shouldn’t be too hard.


This was taken when we still lived in the rental. The chaise was brought over from London, and was used in a Vidal Sassoon photoshoot. Pretty sweet. $150? I’ll take it.They even delivered it to my house for free.


I got this from a man who used to run a nursing home, for $60. Mmmm0hmmm yeah that’s right.


Let’s take a closer look at those sexy curves, shall we? Luscious.

And now for a few disappointments.


All that agonizing I did over wallpaper is completely moot. We realized the other day that, as many Arizonans do, we have textured walls. Ugh. I sit in shame. We could plaster over it to make it flat, but that’s not happenin’, people. Not for a long time anyways. So we may as well pretend like we aren’t going to, and move past it. We realized this after we fell in love with the paper on the left.


We wanted to cut a large hole my office wall, to make it double as a loft. One of our original stipulations for a house was that it had a loft, but we fell in love with this one that didn’t. We thought maybe we could make one, but turns out it is one of the supporting walls. Hopes and Dreams: Crushed! I’m seriously bummed that we can’t do this.

More to come…


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LOVE your finds! I need to check out craigslist now . . . that chair is beautiful too

Comment by ~Sue-Leigh

loving all your finds. the chaise lounge chair is my favorite. i like that it comes with history 🙂

Comment by bananas.

tell me my darling what words you are typing in the craigslist search engine. i must do the same for my local craigslist.

Comment by my favorite and my best

I am so impressed by everything you found! It seems like I major in Finding Duds on Cg but you have it down to a science 🙂

Comment by Anny

That chair is amazing!!! Too bad about the wallpaper, though 😦

Comment by Shannon

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