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August 20, 2009, 7:06 am
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As you know, I’m just gettin’ the hang of this whole blog thing. And hey, I think I’m dong a pretty decent job, right? Well one thing I noticed is that a lot of blogs do giveaways. I even won one of them! Imagine my delight! What a happy little world, this blog world :]

So I’m going to take a running leap and dive right in. I don’t know how many people actually READ my blog, so I don’t know how many will even enter, but that means YOU (yes you!) have a better chance of winning. And that’s just peachy amIright? Here we go:


It’s a pretty little Origami flower ball! Ok so it’s not completely Origami, there is glue involved. It even has a little chandelier crystal dangling out the bottom of it that looks beautiful in the sunlight :] In fact, one of my friends has one dangling in the rear view mirror of her car.

The paper is a light blue with a hint o’ green, and it is very sparkly. I sometimes make these for my invitation clients as a wedding memento out of their leftover stationary paper if the right kind is used. They seem to go over well :] This one is actually made from MY leftover wedding paper (I got a LOT) and the crystal and rbbon was on the very arch that I got married under. Everybody now “AWWWWWW!” There were a lot of crystals so don’t think you’re pilfering a priceless token.

Ok so this has gotten wordy enough, I’m nervous. Can you tell I’m nervous? Not only my first giveaway but something I MADE. What if people don’t want it?! Well then I lured you in with David’s sexy body. Censored of course, you can’t have the milk AND cookies on the first date. But I left you a little nibble in the mirror ;]

So. To win. There are three ways, meaning three entries to increase your chances. Which I am sure you are all very familiar with:

1. Leave a comment!

2. Become a follower and leave a separate comment letting me know! I am such a noob that I won’t be able to tell if you really are, so honor code here, people.

3. Re-blog/Twitter/Facebook this contest, and leave another comment letting me know that you spread the love :]

The contest will go on until 11pm Monday, August 24th, and the winner will be announced on Tuesday!



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ahhhh i love giveaways!!!!

Comment by bananas.

That is so awesome! 🙂 I do have to say that made me think of your wedding and made me smile. I miss your face.

Comment by Jamie

I face booked this for you

Comment by Jamie

oh and I’m already a follower, does that count?

Comment by Jamie

Hey Macy,
I just found your blog and I think you are doing a FABulous job bloggin’ 🙂

I even have you in my google rss reader 😀

Comment by ~Sue-Leigh

Wow, do you guys really have a statue of David in your house? That’s just epic.

Comment by Eric Shen

Oh oh, me me! Hahaha, I’m probably disqualified because I’m your bruddah. Hahaha

Comment by Aaron

I follow you on google reader. Hope that counts! It’s so pretty! Great first giveaway and I love that you make them yourself!

Comment by camila

[…] forget to enter the Chinese Flower Ball Giveaway if you haven’t already! Leave a Comment No Comments Yet so far Leave a comment RSS feed […]

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oh my DAVID!
So creative & classy!

Comment by AychBizzle

My fingers are crossed I win this. Savannah saw it and made me enter LOL

Comment by Heather

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