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Cupcake Invasion
August 16, 2009, 6:25 pm
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Last weekend (yes I am incredibly slow at uploading pictures, but bear with me here) my seriously fabulous friend Kirstin hosted a cupcake swap. Seeing as how that was the most amazing thing I could ever dream of attending, of course I went. I had planned on making these awesome homemade cupcakes that were all fancy and pretty with fondant, but with the move and all the unpacking and such, I just hadn’t had time to find a good recipe and give it a go. Thankfully, I have a little cake-trick up my sleeve that people seem to love. After all, I couldn’t go to a cupcake swap with just a plain old batch of from-a-box cupcakes. The whole point is to get something unique and good recipes to try! So I made tiiieeeeee-dye cupcakes :] And now I will share this little party trick with you, so you too can procrastinate whip up something fabulous at short notice.



1. Rally the troops.

1 Pillsbury Moist Supreme white cake mix and all the stuff it tells you to mix it with on the back- I have found this particularly Pillsbury Moist Supreme cake mix to be better than most people’s homemade recipes the best boxed cake mix you can find. Make sure you get white, not yellow, because you don’t want all your colors to be yellow-tinted.

1 box of GEL food coloring – Be sure to get the gel, the liquid drops from the days of yore are not bright enough.

5 bowls and 5 spoons for your different colors.


Make the cake mix as instructed on the box and make it look as toxic as you can. For you over-achievers out there, mix up your favorite homemade cake batter. Make your rainbow colors with the gel food coloring. Make your batter colors as bright as you want your finished cake colors to be. If you make the batter pastel the cake will be pastel too. You might have to use a lot.


Put a leeetle bit of each color into the cupcake holders. Do less than you think you should at first so you don’t run out before you can get some in each cup. You can always distribute what you have left.


As you can see it’s not rocket science.


Don’t fret too much about make it look nice. I had a few that blue didn’t make it into. It doesn’t really matter.


Cake as directed for cupcakes on the back of the box.

9While they baked I made my frosting. It’s the easiest and most delicious cream cheese recipe in the world. 8 oz of cream cheese, 1 stick of butter, 2tsp lemon juice, 2lb powdered sugar. This made me enough for 4 dozen cupcakes with some left over to freeze.


Finished! Let them cool and then…


Frost roughly (’cause that’s the only way I know how to frost) while your formerly fluffy pup falls asleep on your foot.


Mmmmm. Delicious: you’re doing it right.


Since there is so much frosting left over I decided to try my hands at embellishments. My Mom did got me this Pampered Chef Easy Accent Decorator for my wedding, and I haven’t tried it out. What better time than in the last 20 minutes before you have to be at a cupcake swap! Luckily, I generally pick these things up pretty quickly.


Then when you’re done the batch magically multiplies itself by two and you’re ready to go to a cupcake swap!


Om nom nom nom nooommm!

Not convinced yet? Just think of the possibilities with this. Going to a Superbowl party? Make it just your favorite team’s colors! For color themed bridal showers, birthday parties… a friend at work even said the rainbow would be perfect for a “coming out” party. Ha! Love it!

We figured there were about 1000 cupcakes there. Literally every surface was covered in them! 30 girls, 30 cupcakes each, plus some made 2 kinds so they made 60! It was super fun. I’m thinking about having a cookie swap or something around Christmas time. We shall see…


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Your such a good girl! You froze your leftover cream cheese frosting, I ate mine 🙂

Comment by Ashley

I learned how to make these a couple of months ago and they are always a hit! It’s something that is a little extra special and it doesn’t really add any extra time to you when you are baking them.

Great job!

Comment by Camila

I love these!

Comment by Sharmin

Omg, these are the coolest things I’ve ever seen. I’m completely bookmarking this page.

Comment by K @ Blog Goggles

OMG! Thanks for this idea! I’m throwing a tutu tea party and these cupcakes would be PERFECT!


Comment by Jamie

Hi, its Kirstin’s cousin, you gave me the info to make these at the cupcake exchange and I did for a neighbors birthday party. Of coursse they were a huge hit, and I also used my papered chef tool! Keep those good ideas coming:-)

Comment by Angella DeAngelis

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