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August 12, 2009, 1:28 pm
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Hellooooo alll! Things have been MIGHTY busy around here. Setting up a house is a lot more time consuming than I ever imagined! Not to mention we also just moved buildings at my work, so there has been a lot of packing/unpacking/organizing/general chaos going on in my life right now. In fact right at this moment I am typing a post, throwing a ball for the dogs, and eating lunch all at once. Ok so that’s not quite the same thing but it seems I am always multitasking these days! Good thing I am the queen at it.

I have decided that our kitchen will be red and aqua/light blue. And perhaps with a touch of retro-kitch which red and aqua really lends itself to nicely.

Behold, my inspiration files:

Flickr: Christayayaya



Flickr: Sohoscoloridos

Picture 1

Flickr: TM – the Chrocheteer


Flicker: A Different Perspective













What do you think? Will it look dated too quickly? Is red and aqua a fleeting once-again trend?


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Comment by Tiffany

I say forget the trends and do whatever makes you feel cozy in your home! It definitely has a retro-kitchy feel, but I’m bias. 🙂

Comment by Holly

It’s a great combination. I always hesitate with colors for the same reason but if you’re feeling it, go for it!


ooh good choice. you’re more daring than me. i could only incorporate the red but in portions. i love the red cabinet look.

Comment by bananas.

hi there! thank you for your sweet comment 🙂

this red table decor really makes me want to host a dinner soon again. hell, i’d love to host a big party. a wedding maybe.. hmm.. that’s one big project for this fall 🙂

Comment by tiina

[…] I WILL be making covers for my little Nils-es, oh yes I will. Since my kitchen is going to be Red and Aqua, I was thinking about doing them in one (or more? DARING!) of these. I’m really diggin’ […]

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Oh yeah! You totally convinced me- I’m going to have a red & aqua kitchen one day!

Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

Comment by Naomi Friedman

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