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Amy Bennett
August 10, 2009, 4:51 pm
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Are you familiar with oil painter Amy Bennet? She makes the most curious, thought provoking work. Not to mention beautiful. She first sets up miniature models of her scenes, and then paints them with oil. They really evoke a feeling of solitude, serene, contemplation. At first glance they are beautiful, but when you look closer there is always something interesting going on within it. Sometimes sinister.

Picture 2

In “Into the Woods” from her “At the Lake” series, you first notice her stunning use of light and color, and a sense of calm. But upon closer inspection you see that a man is dragging a woman from (or to?) the lake.

Picture 3

Interesting, no? Not all of them are so dark.

Picture 4In “Coincidence” from her “Neighbors” series (go to the site for the larger version) a person lays outside in the snow, and their neightbor is doing the same thing on their bedroom floor not 10 yards away.

Picture 1

Losing It

Picture 5Sunpatch” I used to do this as a kid

Picture 7

Drying Out

An excerpt from her About section which you really should go read the rest of, it is fascinating:

Working with common themes such as transition, aging, isolation, and loss, I am interested in the fragility of relationships and the awkwardness of a group of people trying to coexist and relate to one another. To that end I create miniature 3D models to serve as evolving still lifes from which I paint detailed narrative paintings. Currently, I am creating a series from a lakefront diorama. The relentless fecundity of nature depicted against a painted sky backdrop is my staging ground for evolving fictions that are reflected in a lake of resin.

These oil paintings really tell whole stories, don’t you think? Love that.


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Very interesting work. I really like drying out!

Comment by Kristin

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