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Extreme Urban Gardening: Part I
August 3, 2009, 12:21 am
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If you’ve been with us for a while, you know how hot it is here right now. The desert heat makes it difficult to be a mediocre gardener like myself. Which is tough considering I: a) Miss greenery so very much and want to be able to bring some into my home and b) really hate killing anything besides moths.

My thumb is more peachy-skin colored than green. Apparently the appendages of accomplished gardeners start to change colors after a while. Seeing how this has never happened to me and I can’t seem to get anything to grow out here, I must be a pretty bad plant-keeper. In Kansas where I grew up, a seed could practically fall out of a 10-year old packet and grow into a massive bush in the crack of a sidewalk with no water or fertilizer to speak of. It was very fertile. Here… not so much. Insert sadness, stage right.

A terrarium (read: plants must remain INDOORS to live) seems like the perfect way for me to nature-ify my house, and there are so many awesome choices out there right now. Such as the following:

Viva Terra has an awesome pear. Tré cute.


Paula Hayes makes hand-blown terrariums that are also beautiful art:


Doodle Bird Designs on Etsy has some adorable pieces! And they come fully terrarium’d


She also has terrarium accessories! OMG! A potted plant for your terrarium! That’s so meta. A plant for your plant so you can garden while you garden!



And of course these beauts that have been making their way around the blog-o-sphere by Tend Living:

Picture 1

IMMEDIATELY when I saw these beautiful but expensive terrariums by Tend, I thought of CB2’s new Whirly candleholder. For $3.95 I’ll definitely be buying SEVERAL of these to make my own little suspended terrariums in! Please don’t judge me when I tell you I just placed an order for 25 of these. Some will be terrariums, some tea light holders, all hanging along a wall at varying heights :]

Picture 2

Wish me luck :]


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oh gawd…i’m the worst at gardening. plants just die around me. i have that affect, i guess. but i’m pretty sure i can keep those mini potted plants alive.

Comment by bananas.

So totally rad! What wonderful ideas!

Comment by AychBizzle

Those pears are just wonderful. I wish I could keep plants alive in them, but generally, I’m terrible.

Comment by Struggler

Macy, I love, love, LOVE this idea. Please keep me updated on how it goes.


Comment by Katie Decker

Sorry, Macy, gave you my husband’s email. -K

Comment by Katie Decker

[…] in our living room is like hangin’ out under the sea. I love it! Remember when I made this post about terrariums, and how I ordered 25 Whirly candle holders from CB2 to make them out […]

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