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Cookies de Coche
July 31, 2009, 11:17 am
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Here in Phoenix, gone are the days of pleasant temperatures in the 90’s where you can turn on your oven without the risk of melting your candles or suffocating your pets.

Now are the days of the 115’s, where anything but watermelon and string cheese is intolerable. But man cannot live on watermelon and string cheese alone. Nay. Nay, I say.

Operation bake-cookies-on-Holly’s-VW-dash went off without a hitch! Not only did we avoid using the oven in the summer, but one could argue that we are reducing our carbon footprint by cooking in the car. Yeah that’s right, we’re environmentally friendly. No big deal.

You don’t have to live in the desert to take advantage of this little trick. If the temperature is at least 95 degrees outside, your car will get hot enough to bake cookies in. It is recommended to use the prepackaged cookie dough because the egg is not as volatile or something. I don’t know. I don’t think it would really matter, but that’s what we used considering this was a spur of the moment idea.

You need: A spatula. Cookie dough. A pan. Parchment paper. Hot pads. And one willing cube mate.

Enter Holly, stage left:


Holly is such a trooper. She deals with my insanity with such grace. Don’t mind the Corporate America backdrop, it’s just a facade for our underground drug ring.


This is the oven in question. I’ll bet you didn’t know when you bought a car you were also purchasing a common household appliance. Brings new meaning to getting a free toaster with the purchase of a vehicle, doesn’t it!


Put your hot pads between the pan and the dash so it doesn’t melt the plastic. I can’t believe that I actually am saying this. Yes, it’s really THAT hot.


Once in place, be sure the cookies are comfortable, everyone has their sack lunch, and can see the sun. Hi! That’s me!


Next: go home for lunch so the delivery man can install your new washer and dryer and dish washer, and let your co-workers take over in the meantime. This is Brian, owner of the camera, conqueror of the world. See how the cookies are already baking up nicely?!


Don’t open the oven-car for at least 2 hours, so no hot air escapes. After that, inspect regularly to avoid over baking. And breathe heavily on said cookies to ensure you get them ALL.


Great success! They’re done! Awww look at mah leelte Rachel Ray :]



Last step: enjoy fresh baked cookies… a great afternoon pick-me-up at the office. Beware though, everyone who walked by smelled freshly baked cookies and thus had to try one. But we don’t mind sharing. Really. :]


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The cookies were awesome. Y’all are rawk starz.

Comment by Brian

This really made me laugh! baking in the car- who would have thought??!
I guess living in England means I can use my car to refrigerate all year round 🙂

Comment by Naomi F.

Those cookies look delicious.

Thank you for your comment.

Comment by julie at BV

Nice one macy! I never would have thought about doing that. I must try now. hehe..

Comment by louder

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Oh. my. God.
You are for real! And yet when it gets too hot or too cold in London, we just can’t get to work because all the tubes break down 🙂

Comment by Huma

OMG Macy – I am literally laughing my ass off.. You seriously baked cookies in your car!! This is fantastic!! your to cute for words.. hahah
They even looked really good.. YUM!!

Comment by Jenni

I was reading the beginning of this thinking “omg my car would be perfect for this since my dash goes on for years..” and sure enough, I scroll down and see your oven is a beetle!

but I’m jealous bc that’s the color I wanted but ended up with green. :/

Comment by christine

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