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I Am But An Electron…
July 20, 2009, 12:33 pm
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…orbiting the fabulousness that is Gallery Nucleus. I’m seriously flipping out over this site, guys. I spent literally HOURS browsing their prints on Saturday, choosing the ones I like best.

I’m not really a fan of the prints I have been seeing lately that are so popular. Perhaps it’s because I myself am an artist, and also I have ridiculous taste. Where “ridiculous” means “rather strange”. But Gallery Nucleus houses prints that are right up my alley. To me a print really worth owning has to not only make me think and be aesthetically pleasing, but it has to showcase real talent and a style. And throw in a little “weird”. Because hey, if it’s something III can do, then I’ll just do it and have my own, original art up, no? I don’t mean to sound elitist, I guess most of what I’m seeing today is just not my style. And we all like what we like!

Behold, my weird style:


Moki – “Untitled”


Chris Appelhans – “Huccubus Park”


Frank Stockton – “Live Tonight 1”


Scott C. – “Igloo Head & Tree Head 2”


Brianne Drouhard – “Big Unicorn”

These are all prints that I could look at again and again and see something new or evoke certain feelings. Loves :]

Not only does Gallery Nucleus have awesome prints, but they have TONS of art books that I would love to have on my coffee table. Go, go on now, take a look!


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