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it’s here. IT’S HERE! it’s here!!!
July 19, 2009, 3:21 pm
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SheepskinPreeeshioususmyyyy preeeeeeeshiousus……

Please pardon the dismantled house and moving boxes and feast your eyes on that massive sucker there on the chaise! And couch! And side table! Seriously this thing is HUGE! You are only seeing half of it in this photo. And it’s perfect.

Let us pause for a moment to let the sheer awesomness of my new octo sheepskin rug, sink in. As well as the awesomness of the $200 price tag. Hold my hand.


Oh craigslist how I heart thee. I am SO becoming a craigslist ninja. I hiiiieeeeeeeYAA right through the crap and find the good stuff. As illustrated above. Hey, A girl has to use her resources in this economy!

The chaise is another amazing craigslist find.  It’s pristine. I got it about a month ago for $150, and according to the (adorable little English) lady, was brought over from London a few years ago, and has only been used for a Vidal Sassoon photo shoot. As you can see here, it is just cluttering up the current house, but I couldn’t pass it up! It was too good of a deal! In the new house (we are supposed to close Thursday! Woohoo!) it will not be in the room with all this black and red decor (a color palate that I am oh so sick of but will make work in a room in the new place. We’re thinking a theatre room. More on that later. Man I’m putting a lot of text in these parenthesis, aren’t I?)


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reeeeeejoiccE!!!!!!!!! lovesies.
amazing what an animal hide can do to a person. shocking!
i have 3 now, is that (wait for it……..) overKILL?!?!?!

Comment by my favorite and my best

uh can you please find me things this fabulous on craigslist, i will pay you! OMG you can make a business out of doing this. your business card can say, job title: craigslist ninja! ahhhhh hahahaha!

Comment by bananas.

so great! i need to go and have a look at craigslist. good work!

Comment by tiina

Hi Macy,
Found your blog from Right Bank. You are so funny! I heart your chaise verramuch.

Comment by Tee

You score an amazing deal. Love sheepskin rugs, specially when they are $200. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Comment by yansy

[…] Shaf later… it now resides in m home. And why yes, yes that is my also craigslist-obtained Bowron octo sheepskin rug. Booya. Leave a Comment No Comments Yet so far Leave a comment RSS feed for comments on this […]

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