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Cans I Takes Hims Homes?
July 17, 2009, 4:36 pm
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Can we talk about Etsy for a moment? And how it has the potential to completely drain my purse of anything but restaurant mints, lint and old receipts?

I have an affinity for tiny creatures, especially of the felted variety. Throw it being something you can wear into the mix, and I’m pretty much sold. This little guy from Etsy seller Motley Mutton (and the gangly goats) is the cream of the crop, and he struck me right down with his little furry fist of doom.


He is only ONE AND A HALF INCHES LONG. I want to rock this possum around my neck every day of the week. And when he isn’t there I want him to be hanging around the rear view mirror of my car. I loves hims. Not only are there possums but horses, sheep, bats, even a tiny little fawn that pulls on my heartstrings as well.

Nancy Bevins is the MasterCrafter behind these adorable creations, and get this – all the wool used in her creations comes from her family farm in the West Virginia hills. It doesn’t get much greener (and adorable) than that!

So go on, go check out her little shop and see if you don’t just fall in love with a little creature of your own :]


Would you just look at that reaching, dangling action? Perfection!

(Photo Credits: Motley Mutton by way of Etsy)


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too cute!!!!!!!!!!
thank you so much for your sweet comment!

Comment by joni webb

Thank you for your most incredible thoughtfulness in sending along a most touching story. I have read it more than a few times today and it brought me much comfort. I do hope that there is a Rainbow Bridge, it would be wonderful to see him again. I so appreciate you sending this and will pass it along to others when they too need it.
Thank you with all my heart.
Sande ~ XO

Comment by A Gift Wrapped Life

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