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July 16, 2009, 9:29 pm
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…music and passion were always the fashion…

Let me introduce you to mah leetle friehhhnd…


I’ve tried so hard to forget about you, put you out of my head, BANISH you from the very fibers of my being. Your price tag (for ONE pillow) runs me off every time. But you keep creeping back into my soul, and I’m a sucker for your vibrant colors, your shiny sequins, your sexy curves…

This was the very pillow that got me started on my pink and teal kick. That I can’t shake. And don’t even want to. Charlie at Charlie’s Design Diary is hosting a giveaway for $150 at, which conveniently carries the very line of pillows that I covet! YES you read that right so GET YOUR FASHIONABLE BUTT OVER THERE AND ENTER! Or don’t. So I have a better chance of winning. But I could never be so selfish…

Anyways, unbeknownst to my loving husband, I am having a torrid love affair with Koko Company‘s throw pillows. Or I guess we’re calling them “cushions” these days. Check out these beauts:


TKC1026_lWould you look at the colors on that throw? The shiny, silky silky-silk? Can’t you just FEEL yourself rolling around in it after a few martinis and a… oh my, am I still typing?

So uh, anyways, get your fiiiine self on over there, say hi to Charlie, win the kaleidoscope pillow and uh, give it to me. Or something else nice for yourself. I’ll still know you care, no big deal.

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You are so lovely, thank you for posting about the giveaway! Goodluck, I hope you get your pillow.

Comment by Charlie

ha ha, this is funny. i will do my best, promise! thank you for your comment!

Comment by tiina

Yes, that first one is just gorgeous and I’d be thrilled to give him pride of place in my bedroom.
Funny, I never know whether to say cushion or pillow. I think, in the UK, they’re cushions, but in the US, pillows. Ah, that reminds me, I think I’ll blog on that very subject!

Comment by Struggler

i adore that third pillow, so bold and pretty.

Comment by Down and Out Chic

Mace your blog is awesome! These pillows have me lovestruck as well. Seriously, will you help me decorate my house? I know it could be soooo cute 🙂 I can’t wait to see how yours looks when you are done with it.

Comment by Brianna

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