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July 15, 2009, 6:14 pm
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Oh hai friends! Another day in 110 degree paradise! Hey, we have palm trees at least… I think I have mentioned the heat in close to every (all 4 of em, woohoo!) post of substance yet. Well folks that’s because, here in Phoenix, you LIVE the heat. You BREATHE the heat. YOU ARE THE GODFORSAKEN HEAT.

Literally. You’re hot. Always. But you bet your ass I will be pointing and laughing your way in the winter when I’m at the pool and you are bundled up in your adorable coats and scarves that I no longer have any use for and just keep carting from one house to the next.

So obviously when you live in such a hot state, the first thing you want for your house is REAL LIVE ANIMAL FUR to keep you even warmer. Right? Am I making sense here? Is my logic flawless?


(Photo Credit: Dude’s craigslist ad which I recognize from Bowron)

I have been stalking craigslist for a sheepskin rug like a ram in mating season… and it finally paid off! Not only did I hit the jackpot finding one…. but it’s the natural ivory AND it’s an octo! EXACTLY what I wanted. And drumroll please…

$200. In pristine condition, professionally cleaned 2 weeks ago. Dude just doesn’t have room for it in his house here in the USandA.

So if I said I was going to look at it on Sunday morning would you believe me? Because you should. Because I am. I’d go sooner to sink in my claws but it’s the next available day.




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Totally jealous. That is a major score!! Congrats.

Comment by ALEK

stalking craigslist like a ram in mating season? HA! that’s great. and so is that find. you go girl!

Comment by bananas.

i hate the feel of my bare feet hitting freezing cold hardwood. i think this bad ass rug would fix that just nicely.

Comment by Down and Out Chic

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