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Adventures in Reupholstery
July 13, 2009, 12:12 pm
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Good Monday morning! Was your weekend refreshing? Relaxing? Productive? None of the above, but full of loads of drunken debauchery? Good, gooooood. If I had to pick a label for mine it would definitely be productive. My black car with black leather interior officially has functional air conditioning, which is just a tad important when you live in a state with highs of 115, not a cloud in sight.

I did not choose this vehicle with moving to Arizona in mind, obviously.

I have a new passion. A fiery passion that burns like the lair of Hades. Which is probably adorned in all sorts of plush garnet velvets and black leather and ornate gold floor candelabras with eons of dripped wax built up beneath them. All fire retardant of course. Delicious. But I digress.

My new passion is reupholstery. Yes there is a burning desire in my heart to strip an old piece of furniture, paint its bones in a bright color and redress it in something modern and fabulous. I have yet to try it but I have been scouring for every iota of information I can find, and I am convinced that I can do it. I purchased this book by Singer after paging through it at Borders:


(Photo Credit: Google Images)

It seems to be a very comprehensive book, showing you all the tools you need to get started and really explaining everything in layman’s terms, what you need to know to reupholster. Dare I say it looks… easy? I’m sure in a few weeks when I’m knee deep into my first project I will be singing another tune. We’ll see.

So naturally, weeks before we can even move, I have begun perusing Craigslist for something old and fabulous to breathe some life into. And found I did:

Tah daaahhh! Right now these beauties reside in a very understanding friend’s garage, until we can move.

Of course I couldn’t just choose a simple wooden chair seat to re-cover, or perhaps a nice stool… nay… I have to choose something with a ornate wood frame and button tufting and dive right into the deep end on my first shot. Typical, Macy, typical.

I would LOVE to upholster them in a teal or magenta velvet jacquard from Anna French’s Wild Flora line, that I have been lusting after for months and months.

(Photo Credit: Anna French)

But upon requesting a quote for a single yard of fabric let alone 12, that dream quickly died. But just look how dreamy the results are (of an experienced, professional upholsterer no doubt):


(Photo Credit: Anna French)
So now I am on the hunt for the perfect velvet jacquard, that won’t cost me half our monthly mortgage… any suggestions?


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i’ve been doing small scale furniture “re-dos” (small scale) and they’ve all been an adventure with mistakes, cursing and celebration. good luck with yours, it’ll be great and if it’s not, i’m sure you’ll have learned something you can share (with me). 🙂

Comment by Down and Out Chic

that chair is gorgeous. love the magenta on a chaise. ooo la la. thanks for stopping by gathering spriggs today!!
take care and good luck with this project!

Comment by Heather S Thompson

I’d be selling the house (or delaying it) just to buy that Wild Flora fabric……you have great taste!

Comment by A Gift Wrapped Life

wow do i ever love those chairs and your dream fabric selections are fabulous. i don’t know if you have a Calico Corners ~don’t let the name throw you~ decor fabric store in Phoenix, but they have wonderful high end looking fabrics at great prices –at least the last time i looked. i now live in a smaller town and have not been in one in a couple of years. you obviously have good taste and have the eye to spot the perfect fabric at the right price when it comes along. good luck!

Comment by French Kissed

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