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Aaaah A Lazy Sunday
July 12, 2009, 8:51 pm
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Today was quite fab. It helps a lot when you wake up with a bully full of Flemings steak and crab-stuffed-shrimp, AND Melting Pot chocolate for dessert, in your tummy. Aawwww yeah that’s right. My man took me out for a fancy dinner last night :]

We’ve been pretty stressed out about the move… our closing date keeps on changing, we’re going through all the different inspections and appraisals and of course PACKING… so we decided to take a night for ourselves to get all dressed up and do something schmancy. :] It was amazing, of course. That man is sofriggingoodtome.

So today we slept in and then packed up more of the house. We may or may not have made a few cocktails to liven the process :]. Then on to Costco and I made chicken parmesan for dinner. And chocolate covered strawberries ’cause I’m baller like that.

So today as I was perusing through my Google Reader, I spied with my little net eye an awesome DIY that the fabulous-DIY-inclined Kate of one of my favorite blogs, Centsational Girl di(y)d. (See that? See what ah did thurr? How I made “did” into “diy”? Har-dee-har :] Oh come on you know you’ve thought it before.)


Katie and I have very similar views on how nice things do not have to be expensive, and re-purposing what you can. Well Katie had a home alarm control in her foyer that leered at you from the wall behind a fantastic glass jar with cherry tree branches in it. To turn the space into a place of interest rather than utility, she painted her own cherry tree painting to go on top of it, disguising it nicely.

Didn’t Kate do a fantastic job? It looks like those branches are sprouting out of the jar, I really love the juxtaposition of the real branches versus the 2D painted ones. Bravo, Kate, bravo.

And she even tells us how she did it all here!

Over and out, blogland.

(Photo Credit: Centsational Girl)


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Your dinner sounds delish – date nights are the best !

Thanks for blogging about little ol’ me.


Comment by Kate at Centsational Girl

oh wow, very smart little fix. i like.

Comment by Down and Out Chic

I did the exact same thing with the electric box in my place! It killed the wall, so it had to go.

Comment by The Glam Lamb

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