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Alek’s Style Challenge
July 10, 2009, 12:52 pm
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While stumbling around on the vast terrain that is the blogworld I came across a fantastic blog called From The Right Bank to the Left Coast. Alek’s posts always have something that I end up gushing over (and probably dragging to my desktop as well for decor ideas for the house-to-be) and she seems super cool too :].

Well. She is hosting a challenge called the “What’s Your Style In One Picture” challenge, that I thought would be a good “intro” for this blog of blogs that will be about designing our new little home. :] And probably a bit of fashion. And shiny things. With a side of rambling. What I’m trying to say here, people, is that you’ll sort of get an idea of my style. If I can even claim to have one. I don’t know the lingo, I just like what I like :] So without further ado…

My Style In One Picture

Did I do that right? I think I did! First photo FTW! *does a happy dance* So. On to the explanation.

1. Teal walls with contrasting trim. I could handle a little deeper teal than these but they’re still fab. At least one room in our new house WILL have teal walls. I have a slight problematic obsession with teal, particularly paired with fuschia accents. Which brings us to…

2. Fuschia chairs. Not only are these gorgeous chairs fuschia, but they are…

3. Victorian-style carved furniture with painted frames and modern upholstery. The only way to make these even better is if they were fuschia velvet. Maybe they are! I don’t even know! We may never know but we can dreeeeam.

4. The black and white striped couch will have to be a stand-in for a zebra rug. And now. Ahem. *steps up on soapbox* I DO realize that the zebra rug trend is “SOOO OVERDONE AND LAST TUESDAY” but I still love it. Personally? I’ve never owned a zebra rug, and I’ve never known anyone else who has either! My point here people, is that in Macy-land zebra rugs are the most haute of all the hautes, especially when stratgically placed in the same room with…

5. A sheepskin rug. Of the large variety. This is not sheepskin but it will have to do.

6. Clear coffee table. I prefer lucite but glass is a close (and lets face it, cheaper) second.

7. Tufted anything, and interesting benches.

8. Mirrors – particularly mirrored furniture (not pictured)

9. Shiny silver tasteful knick knacks on beautifully staged shelves.

Add a healthy dose of a light like the beautiful sun shining in that window and I could roll around in this room for days with nothing to do but drool over its beauty.

Being that I could never contain my TOTAL style in a photo that is not taken of my own home decorated just how I’d like it, below are a few of the runners up :]

Thank you Alek for hosting such a fun challenge, I think it was an awesome way to kick-off my blog! :]


571196263_n5MQ7-LBeautiful SofaNepNYYZPBp339bjkkv3OtNZzo1_400


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Hi, Macy! Congratulations on your new home and your new blog! And thanks for participating in my challenge and all the kind words. *Blush* I like the room you’ve chosen for almost the same reasons. I’ve had a zebra rug for a while and I don’t really care what anyone has to say about it. I still love it and always will. So there! I also love tufted things. That little white couch in your last picture makes my heart skip a beat! Thanks again for playing along. Have a great weekend!


hi macy! i came across your blog via alek’s design style challenge and i almost posted that same pic (from HGTV?) as mine. i’ve actually posted before in a previous post. i absolutely love that room and for all the same reasons!

Comment by mayra

I really love your choice, i’ve tried to do something like it in my sitting room ,teal with lots of black, i’;m still looking for the monochrome couch……

Comment by elaine prunty

holy crap yes! i commented on that original post and also fell in love with the striped couch and blue walls..fabulous.
can’t wait to see the progress of your house. we will have much to share and discuss through blogland and maybe email too because we are in the process of buying a house and me being sole decorater el cheapo.

Comment by my favorite and my best

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